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Uncontested Divorce Kansas

Are you looking to get an uncontested divorce in Kansas? What could qualify you to get a Kansas uncontested divorce?

These are very good questions and ones that should be seriously considered prior to making a final decision. First, if you and your spouse are in complete agreement about how you will split everything you own and will remain friends after the divorce, you may good candidates for a divorce that is uncontested. If however, you are not in complete agreement or you are prone to arguing about things (especially little things) you may not be good candidates for this type of divorce.

What if we have children - can we still get an uncontested divorce?

Yes you absolutely may still get an uncontested divorce, as long as you've taken 100% into consideration in the process how time will be shared between the parents after the divorce occurs. We will not get into the legalities here as this forum is not intended to provide legal advice. However, if you know who will have custody (or if custody will be shared) and how visiting time will work etc, you may be good candidates for a Kansas Uncontested Divorce.

What are the advantages of an uncontested divorce in Kansas?

The biggest advantage of an uncontested divorce, besides the fact that they tend to have less heartache and can go faster through the entire process, is the cost of the divorce. Contested divorces can take a much longer time to complete and cost a lot of money (in the tens of thousands, if not more). Uncontested divorces, on the other hand, can be completed for a flat fee, also known as flat fee divorces. The price on to get these done is flat. There are still filing fees and potentially other court fees, of course, but the fee for an uncontested divorce can be a stated price because all the variables (the way everything will be after the divorce) are known ahead of time.